Grade 10-12 students at GSS will showcase a variety of pieces that they created across several mediums. From left: Ashton Waldo

Art show showcases pieces from Golden Secondary students

Art students at GSS are putting the finishing touches on their art work as they get ready to host an event on Jan. 21.

Grade 10-12 students at Golden Secondary School are putting the finishing touches on their art work as they get ready to host an art show at the school on Thursday, Jan. 21.

The students were tasked with creating multiple pieces of art across a variety of mediums, with Grade 12s expected to complete more pieces than their younger classmates.

The theme of the show was chosen by the class and it will be titled Masters of the Everyday: Inside Our Minds.

This was the first art class Ross Putney has been enrolled in, and he has been pleased to see his skills improve throughout. Among the pieces he’ll have on display is a cardboard guitar that he says plays like a bass, and a clay totem pole.

Ashton Waldo will also have a clay totem pole-like piece on display at the show. He was originally going to create a more traditional piece but decided to get creative during the process, eventually adding teeth, a prominent tongue and a wrap-around snake to his work.

Rose Gaudreault created both an elephant made out of wire and an aluminium foil porcupine, saying she wanted to recreate animals that had distinguishing features and with interesting textures.

Jurnee Chamberlain also followed the animal theme and created an octopus sculpture that required a host of intricate work.

She also modelled it in the steampunk genre with its metallic bronze and gold colouring.

Intricate would be a good word to describe Wyatt Shapperd’s art, as he created a series of sketches and drawings invoking a variety of shapes. Shapperd says that one of his goals was to create an aura of confusion when designing his piece.

The art show will take place in the Learning Commons at Golden Secondary on Jan. 21 from 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Everyone is encouraged to attend.