What’s new with the Golden Snowmobile Club

The Golden Snowmobile Club communications director gives an update on the clubs activities.

The Golden Snowmobile Club has been hard at work this season to continually enhance the snowmobiling experience for its members.

Thanks to the efforts of numerous member and non-member volunteers, constant maintenance of infrastructure is ongoing, and several new improvement projects have been undertaken.

At Quartz Creek, our flagship zone, there is plenty of firewood, clean decks, a fresh outhouse, and now the cabin electrical wiring (in case of emergency) is finished thanks to help from Selkirk Electric.

Also at Quartz, the BCA Beacon Training Park has been installed for several weeks now, and has garnered a lot of attention by members looking to improve their companion rescue skills.

In addition, to further the awareness of avalanche safety in its membership, the Club will be installing BCA Beacon Checkers at Quartz, Gorman, and Silent Pass trailheads in the very near future.

These signs display a green or red light to riders, indicating whether or not it is detecting a transceiver (beacon) signal from that individual.

So it’s a Happy New Year for the members of the GSC! For ongoing updates throughout the 2012 season, Facebook users can “Like” the Golden Snowmobile Club.

Patrick Garbutt

Communications Director

Golden Snowmobile Club