Vandalism continues in Golden

A former Golden resident speaks to the issue of vandalism in the town.

I lived in Golden for 25 years of my life and I loved everything about it.  It bothered me that there was so much vandalism.  I remember going to work in the morning and seeing the beautiful flower boxes turned upside down in the middle of the street.  So many tried to make Golden a beautiful place to live and there always seemed to be a few that showed no respect at all.

My good friend Kim was in an accident years ago because someone was pulling out stop signs.  She is lucky to be alive but the accident left her with brain damage.  She has not been able to work since then.  Her life and the life of her family have never been the same.  I wonder if the vandals ever think about how their actions impact others.

Two weeks ago I did my annual visit to Golden and sometime during the night while my car was parked out on the 600 block of 6th street my car was keyed.  There was at least one other vechicle on that street that was also vandalized.  I would love to know what pleasure people get out of doing stuff like that.

Fortunately I have insurance but it still cost me $300 for my deductable.  ICBC paid $894 for the repairs, that doesn’t include the cost of the rental car.   I certainly hope that the person that did the damage to my car will think about their actions everytime they go to get vechicle insurance (we wonder why our premiums are so high?)

For those of you that know someone that causes damage to other people’s property, you should report them so hopefully they won’t do it again.  Someday the damage could be done to you.

Anne Galligan

former Golden resident