The cost of vanity

The importance of the Bridge to Bridge project is questioned.

It seems that unless we protest against this ludicrous Bridge to Bridge beautification project planned for the side of the river, it will go ahead.

This pathway is going to direct the public down a back lane that is currently used for delivering and loading to businesses that back onto the river.

Why the Town councillors have decided that this is such an important project is beyond me, raising the height of the flood protection makes sense but why add a fancy pathway when there is a lovely trail at the opposite side of the river which is au natural and in keeping with the true spirit of Golden.

This extending of very expensive block paving and Champs Elysee style lamp posts from Spirit Square up to the metal bridge, which Highways is possibly going to move in the future, seems like a flight of fancy from a previous Town planner’s attempt to impress her future employers.

The impact of borrowing millions is going to be felt by the tax payers of Golden for many years to come and we will be passing this debt plus interest onto our children.

It is already expensive enough to live in Golden and the Town Council keeps telling us how concerned they are about affordable housing yet they will happily increase our taxes to cover the cost of their vanity.

We have already been told by the Town employees that taxes will have to increase to cover the Town’s running costs and wage increases and that if we do not pay more in taxes we will have to sacrifice snow removal and path clearing, so lets get our priorities in order and say No to this idiotic plan and start looking at ways to cut costs so that people can afford to live in our already beautiful town.

I look forward to reading in The Golden Star about when I will be given the opportunity to sign a counter petition against this folly.

Sue Ellen