Last pitch for voting

Months of debates and discussions can now possibly come to an end with a byelection and referendum set to happen on Sept. 8.

Months of debates and discussions can now possibly come to an end with a byelection and referendum set to happen on Sept. 8.

Two new councillors will be picked from a group of five and the heated summer duscussions where bridges and the spaces between them have been on the tip of everyones tongues will finally see a vote by the people for this projects future.

Of course for any of this to happen people still have to do something which as of late not too many have wanted to take the time to do.

This is of course to get out and vote.

I have heard all the arguements for and against both people and loans over the past few months.

The debate has been respectful in some cases and down right nasty in others.

People have pounded the streets and sent in letters both tearing down and building up the project.

Voices have been heard and the referendum, is going to be held.

But the question remains-will people show up?

It is interesting that one of the reasons people have shared with me on why the vote tally should be higher this year is because it is happening across the street from the Fall Faire.

Now I do admit I am looking forward to a day of races, food, big air, taking some pictures and all that the Faire has to offer but even if it was not there on that specific day I would hope that after months of talking, the residents of Golden would back up their talk and have their voices heard.

The turn out in last years municipal elections was in the simpliest terms I can use a joke.

Then again when you only get around six out of 10 people out for the Federal elections and that is a good turn out it should be no surprise.

And it is not a surprise from my perspective, it is however a dissappointment.

So many people take something like voting as something for granted.

We are lucky to have a chance to vote for people on all different levels and I have heard many arguements on why people do not vote.

They say, “One vote won’t make a difference” or “The candidates are all the same”or one of my personal favourties, “What’s the point?”

The point is simple, if you want a voice to be heard then you have to take a stand.

It is true that many elections are not swayed by a few votes but then again it was not so long ago an election in the United States was decided by the votes in one state and history was changed forever.

If you want to have a say on who will be your representative  for the next two years then you need to get out and choose your candidates.

If you want the Bridge to Bridge project to move forward then you have to get out and vote.

If you do not want the town to take the loan that the  Bridge to Bridge project needs to move forward, then you need to get out and vote.

So remember when you are at the Fall Faire, which I hope to see many of you at, do not forget in all the music and fun to stroll across the street and take a few minutes to do something which is important for your town. Get out and mark those boxes both for the referendum and the councillors because whining after the fact that things did not go the way you wanted does not change anything. Having a say on a ballot does.