Giving volunteers appreciation in Golden

The Golden Women's Resource Centre gives appreciation to its many volunteers.

Dear Editor,

In recognition of Volunteer Appreciation Week and our fabulous volunteers, the Golden Women’s Resource Centre would like to say thank you to the many women who give their time, skill, and dedication to our organization. Without these amazing women the day to day operations at the centre and the events that we host would not be possible.

Our volunteer Board of Directors give countless hours to directing the GWRC. These women are dedicated to the mission and vision of the organization and bring unique input as representatives of our community and various skills to ensure the work that we do is relevant and meaningful to our community. Thank you!

Our weekly volunteers come in once a week to ensure our resource library is up to date, telephones are answered, the centre is organized, plants are watered, and our Good Karma exchange is up to date. These women are crucial to ensuring the centre stays organized and fresh. Thank you!

Additionally, our volunteers are heavily involved in planning our annual fundraising event, the Starlight Soiree. Without their help this event would not be possible and funds raised would not be available to us to keep our doors open and our lights on for women in our community. Each year we are overwhelmed by the generosity of our community and the dedication of our volunteers who give their time, creativity and passion to this event. Thank you!

Our Program Support Workers work behind the scenes answering our Crisis Line after-hours and responding to emergency situations that see women fleeing their homes due to violence. These women are trained to respond to such situations, giving support to women during frightening situations, and ensuring these women are safe, and receive access to resources they need. Thank you!

Additionally, our volunteers inform women from our community about our programs and services, increasing the work we do in our community as strong representatives of our mission and vision. This is undeniably, extremely important, as volunteers connect with women from our community and encourage them to come through our doors. Due to this, countless women have received support and accessed resources to increase their safety, health and wellbeing. Thank you!

To all of the women who have volunteered to walk through the doors of the centre to receive support and access resources, you have shown an incredible amount of courage, strength and personal leadership, encouraging others to do the same. Thank you!

All of these women are connected indirectly or directly through the GWRC, working together in an effort to end violence against women and increase resilience and safety for women. We would like to recognize the hard work that you have done over the past year and say thank you, to you for joining us, and being actively involved in making a difference in our community. Thank you!


Linley McLean – Executive Director of the Golden Women’s Resource Centre