Daily Challenges

Are we ever happy?

Is the grass really greener on the other side? The happy medium seems to be lost in the world today as Canada  seems to have too much or too little of anything.

Heat is an understatement for what they are facing in central Canada where forest fires are claiming more land. Mean while the last week has been a wet one here in B.C.

As I woke up today and say the sun over head it reminded me that even though things can always be better that does not mean you are not lucky in some manner.

It is easy to complain and whine about every little detail in life but be grateful for what you do have.

Sometimes it is the simplest things that can give someone the greatest pleasures.

Sure I could always use a little more money or maybe the freedom to use my vacations.

The truth is if you have your health everything can be worked around.

As I am typing this afternoon I am listening to NDP Leader Jack Layton talk about the battle he is now facing with a new type of cancer. This disease effects so many people every day and it does not care how much money you have or how important you may be.

Lives change in an instant when the words are said at a doctor’s office.

I do not think any of us could imagine what it is like to be in this spot.

The chances are that most people who read my little blurb know someone directly who has had to fight their own battle. People gather and hope is a key when going down the road to try and become cancer free.

Life is tough and no one ever said it wouldn’t be. We get up every day and all have our own battles to face but in many cases things could be much worse than they are.

This week in the news has shown many tough parts of the world today. Innocents shot down, talented people losing battles and struggles in health.

Life is always throwing curveball in the best laid plans but that does not mean you stop.

The time on earth is not long in the big picture but what you make of it is sometimes, your own choice.