Closing time

So I just got word the other day that the one and only hotel in Roger’s Pass, the old Glacier Park Lodge, is closing its doors.

Hello  town’s  people.

So I just got word the other day that the one and only hotel in Roger’s Pass, the old Glacier Park Lodge, is closing its doors.

Although they may be closing the place for many reasons, I suspect it mostly has to do with compliance with the Parks Canada rules and regulations to follow being a National Park and all.

This lodge has been running for nearly 50 years, catering to the backcountry enthusiasts and nature lovers of all kinds.

I’m sure most of us stayed there one time or another, maybe not by choice, due to it being an area prone to storms/avalanches.

Many of us have eaten there before.

We were just happy for the fact that there is shelter so far out in the middle of the big mountains. It surely wasn’t the most luxurious, cleanest, warmest or nicest hotel out there, but for its place it certainly did the trick.

After so many years of different owners and people taking over the lodge it has been neglected. It looked, in some areas, like it had  almost  been given up on.

I had the chance to work there one spring as head of maintenance. Let me tell you, what a job that was trying to keep up with the repairs and problems along with plowing snow 24/7.  But apparently, before I got there, they had a bad winter of pipes bursting everywhere, and no heat in the hotel for days, also without power for some time.

I tell ya it can’t be easy to run that place, or take ownership of it. In my opinion to make the lodge compliant with all regulations it basically has to be torn down and rebuilt, which is a huge job and very, very costly.

This place, back in the day, used to be the pinnacle of adventure and good times out in the mountains.  I had the chance to look through old photographs and stuff from the old days of the lodge circa 60s and 80s.

The good times they used to have there with the skiers from all over the world and a huge amount of staff at the lodge.

The big parties that went on in its hay day was quite amazing. It was a happening destination back then.

It was truly a place you could only wish for in today’s world.  So here it goes, 50 or so years later, and they’ve basically given up on it. I won’t go on about the ownership of the lodge although I will say I figured the lodge would be closing soon after I had left myself.

They were not catering to the needs of backcountry travellers, more just tour groups on buses. I’m not sure if they are selling it now or going to try to repair and fix up everything.

But I think the only way the lodge will make it in the end is with new ownership.

Hopefully someone capable of transforming and making the lodge into the great amazing place that it could be. Right smack dab in the middle of the mountains the Mecca of backcountry skiing in North America. Oh the possibilities it could have, I’ve thought it over in my head again and again ,but with the economy were in today not sure who will take on that task?



Travis Leblanc