A seat or two to be had

There are now two council seats open for the proposed Sept. byelection...but who will step up to the plate.

And suddenly there are two spots open for a byelection in  September.

The byelection that was called will have an extra spot to fill after the announcement that Coun. John Jackson has had to step down.

Now is the chance for people who want to make a difference to take a shot at getting elected and have their voices heard as a councillor in the Town of Golden’s very comfortable chamber setting.

The interesting fact to this is we will now see how many people step up to take on the challenge that being a councillor provides. Being involved in the political game and rather complicated system is never an easy choice for any person to make.

There are many people who have their lives altered when one person jumps into the deep end of politics.

I myself remember the discussions my parents had over my father getting more involved in politics, and also heard the stories of other family members who took on the challenge and sat as a representative.

The easy answer is to say it is not for everyone. But  like many things involved with politics the answer is never quite that easy.

Over the past few months people in and around Golden have had many different issues for which they have been very passionate, and all of them end up in a political realm at different  times.

Pool changes hit the municipal side of things just as the Bridge to Bridge project has gotten in the minds of hundreds of people.

Road rescue issues have been on the agenda of both local and provincial government, and federally park cutbacks have had people getting in touch with many representatives in Ottawa.

Overall the heat has been on, and occasionally there has been a blow up or two witnessed along the way. People have been voicing their concerns, having their say and coming out in large numbers to stress the importance of what they believe are decisions that could change different aspects of their lives.

But now there are some holes that have to be filled. And as with every election, it starts with the question of who is going to run. No one would have predicted in less than a year, two spots would now be open on the council. But here we are, sitting in a position where two seats have indeed become available.

I have always felt it is easy to sit from the outside and comment on what others do, whether it is in politics, sports or any aspect of our everyday lives.

Realizing you should not have tried to eat a six-pound burrito seems obvious after the fact, but when everyone was cheering you on at the start you could have been caught up in the moment.

So over the next few weeks people will have the chance to serve all of the citizens in Golden and have their voice heard as a councillor. And as I have said, for the many who sit back and cheer or jeer from the sideline, this could be a shot at getting in the game.

So take a look at your lives and see if it is a good fit, because your chance to make a difference may just be a nomination packet away.