A safe place to walk

A local resident says thanks to those who recently helped with a petition about walking in Golden

Now that we have come this far, I would like to give a special thank you to Glen Ewan for his help with the wording on our petition and cover letter, and for his excellent advice on the complete petition package. I would also like to give a thank you to my mother Doris Gutzman, my other family members, the Women’s Centre staff, Roni, Linley and Patty for all their awesome support and contributions to this cause.

To Jamie Crawford and Vicki Kennedy, thank you for your magnificent help and encouragement. Thank you so much Stanley and Brenda Lanthier, Louanne Potter, others and local businesses for making the petition accessible for people to sign.

I would also like to thank all the people for graciously allowing me in their homes as I went door to door for their signatures. I really appreciated all your opinions whether they were positive or negative, I have learned so much. I would like to give particular thanks to Luke Nichols for coming on board when I most needed his help. Again I thank our Mayor Christina Benty, council, town staff and town maintenance crews with Bill Soles getting an extra thanks for a job well done, and for keeping us safe and secure as we walk up and down the new pedestrian pathway that parallels the Trans Canada Highway. And thank you to MLA Norm Macdonald for presenting our petition package in the Legislature. I am happy to say our Premier Christy Clark thanked us for our letters and attachments, and informed us that Minister Blair Lekstrom will be replying on this matter directly on her behalf. I would like to give my appreciation to Rick Poznikoff, Senior Manager Community Relations and Aboriginal Affairs for the Railway Association of Canada for his correspondence. Thank you very much,

Paulette Bertrand

Golden, BC