Paulette Bertrand is all smiles after the Town of Golden plowed the pedestrian pathway next to Highway 1. Bertrand has been collecting signatures on a petition with other town members to hopefully convince council to keep the pathway clean and make Golden more accessible to walkers and those people without vehicles.

Walkway petition passed to council

The Town of Golden council received a petition from a group concerned about pedestrian access in the town of Golden.

In a presentation to the Town of Golden Council Paulette Bertrand and Luke Nichols spoke about the hopes and goals of a group who have been gathering names on a petition dealing with better pedestrian access in the town of Golden.

The group had collected more than 600 signatures on the petition which was started by Bertrand who was concerned after safety issues around town and access along the Trans Canada Highway for pedestrians into the Town of Golden.

On the Petition the group stated, “In spite of the cost of this construction, the new walkway on the east side is closed for half the year, and there are currently no safe alternative routes into town along the overpass to Hwy 95 and the west end of town near the Louisiana Pacific Mill. We are requesting changes be made to increase the safety for pedestrians, cyclists, those in wheelchairs, and others that depend on safe travel alternatives to go about their daily lives.”

“We have the beautiful Golden hill trail which is separated from traffic. This makes it a lot safer for people to move around in summer. The winter traffic was diminished but I know it has been recently plowed,” said Nichols.

The walkway by the highway was closed earlier this winter season and was at the heart of the petition in its inception.

Nichols stressed that in a town like Golden where people not only walk for exercise but also because they may not own a vehicle, the importance of having safe areas for people to walk should be a high priority for the town. The group is hoping to see more being done by the town to deal with ice issues that have been seen this year along with other bylaws.

“You know just from a philosophical level council has been very supportive of active transportation and pedestrian access. The reality is that every time a vehicle is not started it is good for the environment. I applaud those who walk… Just for your information as part of our pedestrian access and connectivity, part of the terms of reference for our beautification for the resort municipality initiatives, beautification of the highway is on the radar. How to get people from the Number 1 Highway down safely into the town,” said Mayor of Golden Christina Benty.

Town of Golden Manager of Operations Chris Cochran said the town will be looking after the walkway for the rest of the winter as resources will allow.

“The plan is to monitor the condition of the walkway. As the sun melts the snow and ice forms we will be monitoring that,” Cochran said.

Bertrand wanted to thank council and staff for plowing the passage by the highway but also felt it was important for that stretch of walkway to be a priority for the rest of the winter season.