Vandals strike in King Crescent

King Crescent resident still upset over fire extinguisher powder left all over her vehicle.

One August morning, still inside her home, Kelly Hamilton received a phone call from her husband telling her that she had better go outside and have a look at her vehicle.

She walked outside to see her car in her driveway, completely covered in some sort of powder. After some confusion and frustration, she spoke with the police who told her that it was powder from a fire extinguisher.

“I was told that it happens sporadically, but they’re not going to do anything about it from what I gather,” said Hamilton, still frustrated with the situation roughly a month after the incident. “So this has happened to other people.”

Hamilton and her husband, who live in the King Crescent area, were aware of a few youths out that night, making noise in the neighbourhood.

“We knew that there were a couple boys out the night before, just a few doors down from us. But we can’t say it’s them,” she said.

After discovering what the powder was, Hamilton had to take time out of her day to clean up the mess.

“It’s an oil base, so I spent $10 cleaning my vehicle. So of course when the water hits it you get this oil residue,” she said.

Vandalism in general has been a bit of a problem in the King Crescent area as of late says Hamilton.

“That’s when we started talking to the police and saying they need to do some drive-bys there.”

Hamilton says she thinks that peer pressure, and the need to fit in, is the cause of a lot of these incidents.

“The main thing for me is I just wanted to get it out and let people know that this kind of thing is happening,” she said.

Anyone with information on this, or any other crimes in the area, is asked to call the Golden RCMP Detachment at 250-344-2221 or Crimestoppers 1-800-222-TIPS(8477).