Riverhouse and Mad Trapper look to make license changes

The Riverhouse Tavern and the Mad Trapper Pub have applied for changes to their liquor licenses.

The Riverhouse Tavern has applied to increase their occupancy rate after a structural alteration.

Two local pubs made it onto the agenda at the regular Town of Golden Council meeting on Tuesday Oct. 9.

The Riverhouse Tavern has made an application to the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch to expand their licensed area. It is the provincial government’s policy to send such applications to the local government for comment.

“There’s an application from the Riverhouse Tavern to increase its internal occupant load from 46 to 58. This is a result of some internal changes to relocate their washrooms,” said Jon Wilsgard, manager of corporate services for the Town.

“As a result of the structural change, which was approved by our own building official, there is 11.6 square metres of extra space which they would like to add to their licensed area.”

There are standard factors that the Town is to consider when reviewing liquor license applications.

Given these factors, Town staff did not feel that this minor change would affect the community.

Council recommended that the application be approved.

The Mad Trapper Pub also applied for a change in the liquor license. They have applied to the Licensing Branch to extend their hours of operation.

“At this point in time it closes seven nights a week at 12 a.m., they would like to extend that to 2 a.m. This is in keeping with almost every other licensed establishment around the province,” said Wilsgard.

The Mad Trapper is the last pub in the area to extend their hours.

“According to the application, the main reason for this is to accommodate karaoke night, which is on Saturdays. Apparently they’re wildly popular, and it’s difficult to close it down by midnight,” said Wilsgard.

Town staff again reported to foreseen affect on the community, and council recommended that the application be approved.