Graham Mann and Sandy Campbell from A&W put on their game faces when they joined up with the team from Sobeys for the Heart and Stroke Foundation Big Bike event in Golden. The event raised $11

Putting their hearts into a special Big Bike ride in Golden

Over 100 riders came together to take a special turn on the Big Bike in Golden

The Heart & Stroke Big Bike ride had a very successful turnout in Golden this year with more teams coming out and more money raised.

The event was held in Golden on May 14 and gave participants the chance to go for a bike ride through the downtown area on a bicycle built for 30.

Jacquie Goldie is the co-ordinator for the event in Golden who said the turn out for the event this year was fantastic.

“We had three new teams this year from Sobeys, LP and Shape Up Fitness. Along with the other great teams we raised $11, 161.11. We could not have asked for a better time and the turnout was great.

This is the 19th year Goldie has been involved with the ride and she said seeing so many people coming out to help was very inspiring.

“I enjoy doing this. It is one of the biggest fundraisers for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. The people contribute to something important,” Goldie said. “It is a fun event. I think the eldest person we have had on there was 79.”

This year there were also many younger aged people who came out for the ride.

“They are nice to see. We also get the leadership class at Golden Secondary School to help and the Shape Up Fitness group had many kids this year,” Goldie said. “Many of them said they are going to come back next year as well.”

Goldie did have a final message for the people who got involved with the event.

“I am so proud of them and all of the people who have supported the event over the years have been wonderful. We have many regulars and people in town who help. Thank you to all the teams and riders and people who donated. Thank you for a lovely year,” she said.