Traffic was backed up in both directions on Highway 95 (10th Avenue) on Friday April 20

Pedestrian OK after incident at 10th Ave. crosswalk

Traffic flow stopped in Golden after a incident in a pedestrian crossing.

Traffic was backed up several blocks  in both directions on Friday April 20 in the early afternoon after an incident at the pedestrian crossing on Highway 95 (10th Avenue).

Only single lane traffic was being allowed through as the vehicle involved in the incident remained on site.

“What happened was a jogger ran up to the pedestrian crosswalk (just south of the bridge), observed a vehicle go by, and then started running across and didn’t see there was a trailer attached to the vehicle. And she actually ran into the trailer,” said Sgt. Troy Durand with the Golden/Field RCMP.

“She had a gash to the head, and was taken to the hospital, treated for minor injuries, and then released.”

The crosswalk light had not been activated when the jogger crossed the street.