Parks Canada comes to agreement on ski trails around Field

After months of discussion an agreement has been reached to groom ski trails in and around Field.

Parks Canada has reached an agreement with several organizations and volunteers in Yoho National Park that will see Emerald Lake Lodge, Kicking Horse Ski Club, and Emerald Lake Sport and Gifts provide Nordic ski trail grooming services in Yoho National Park beginning this November.

Parks Canada will support these organizations and volunteers by supplying grooming equipment and training, servicing repairs, providing avalanche safety advice and offering other in-kind support.

The new agreement will focus on trail grooming in the Emerald Lake area, Yoho’s most popular cross-country ski destination.

Parks Canada’s hopes the announcement will reinforce their long-term commitment to work with residents and businesses to encourage quality visitor experiences in Yoho National Park.

This agreement will re-establish approximately 15 kilometres of track set trails in Yoho and there will also likely be a loop established on the ice surface of Emerald Lake, adding another 5km to the offer.

While fewer kilometres will be track set than in the past, 34 km were track set last year,  trails that were formerly groomed by Parks Canada may be added in the future if all parties concerned are in agreement.

This agreement is established for the period of November 15, 2012 to April 15, 2013, and may be renewed with the agreement of all parties.