Old mill gets a fresh spring cleaning

The old mill area in Golden got a clean up from local volunteers.

Pictured are volunteers Chris Brown

A group headed up by members from the Golden Museum gathered at the Old CRL Mill site on May 31 to take part in a cleanup of garbage from around the site.

Headed up by Colleen Palumbo, Executive Director of The Golden Museum, a group of volunteers helped remove garbage from both in and around the building which is nearing 100 years old.

“We are going to try and clean up the site of the old mill and make it safe for the many visitors who come in here every year,” Palumbo said. “When the Columbia River Lumber company pulled up stakes over here, everything was left the way it was.”

Palumbo explained the Town of Golden  had arranged for a garbage bin to be dropped for the group to use.

“We are thrilled that the Town of Golden staff is aiding us in the cleanup,” she said.

The Town of Golden have also been doing some metal recovery and fill some dangerous open holes which are on the site.

“I have managed to round up a half dozen young people to come give us a hand but would certainly appreciate any time that anyone who would like to come out to help does so,” Palumbo said.

She added shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows and gloves would also be appreciated.

Palumbo said she is hopeful this kind of clean up will continue into the future.

“I do want this to continue. It is a place where people are visiting. They are marvelling at this great old building and encourages them to be interested in the history of not only the company but also the history in the area.”

Anyone interested in helping out can contact the Golden Museum at 250-344-5169.