Overflow of the material at the Golden recycling bins has caused the CSRD to take notice.

Mess at Golden recycling bins causes concern

If the level of overflow material left around the recycling bins continues at the Golden Bottle Depot CSRD may consider removing the bins.

If the level of overflow material left around the recycling bins continues at the Golden Bottle Depot, the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) may consider removing the bins.

“This is not a step we want to take because this is a community service that is very well used and appreciated at that location but the constant mess left around the bins is upsetting to neighbouring residents and a lot of extra work for the caretaker,” says CSRD Waste Reduction Facilitator Carmen Fennell.

Emptying the bins more frequently is one way to prevent overfilling but the cost of this solution is prohibitive.

“The cost of having a hauler empty the bin is about $1,200 per load so we’re trying to maximize each load to save taxpayers money. We appreciate that Golden residents are being good stewards as they make use of recycling bins and we’re trying equally hard to be good stewards of their tax dollars,” said Fennell. “Unfortunately the result has been that when people come to drop off their recycling and the bin is full, they leave their recycling by the side of the bins. This is happening often enough that it’s becoming problematic.”

Fennell says this issue is compounded by commercial use of the bins.

“The bins are really meant for residential use only and businesses are asked to contact a local service provider to arrange recycling collection rather than using the green bins, especially for large volumes. However, the regional district has partnered with VP Waste to provide cardboard bins, with the hopes that this will help with the overflow.”

The CSRD would like to keep the bins at the Bottle Depot and one way local residents can help is by taking some ownership.

“If residents come and find the bins are full, we ask that they either hang on to their recycling until the next day or use the recycling bins at the landfill site. Just like any other space in Golden, we want the residents to take pride in keeping their area clean by not leaving anything on the ground. I hope it doesn’t come to the point where we have to take the bins away, but if those few people who are leaving their recycling around the bins continue to act irresponsibly, we won’t have any choice.”