Golden council sends message to BC Hydro

Golden Town Council decided to send a letter to BC Hydro requesting opt out options for smart meter installations.

The Town of Golden Council has decided to send BC Hydro a letter requesting that they allow residents of the town to have “opt out” options regarding smart meter installations on their homes.

Coun. Mike Pecora presented the resolution at a council meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 18. Council decided that the matter was urgent, given that the company BC Hydro has hired to install the meters, Corix, has already begun installations in Golden.

“I’m torn either way,” said Pecora, who described himself as a “tech guy,” who is also very health conscious. Many of the people opposed to smart meter installation are concerned about the potential harm these meters could do to their bodies, among other things.

“Golden residents have raised significant health, privacy, security, safety, cost, and other concerns, including infringement of their democratic, civil and human rights, regarding the forced installation of BC Hydro’s wireless smart meters on their homes,” stated the resolution.

“I’m not a fan of having things forced on me,” added Pecora.

There are other household items, such as microwave ovens, that emit similar frequencies. But those are consumer items that citizens chose to purchase or not purchase.

Pecora’s resolution is to request that BC Hydro allow consumers the option.

Golden is not the first community to send such a letter. So far more than 55 municipality in British Columbia have done the same thing.

“This is not a new conversation,” said Coun. Caleb Moss.

“It’s a conversation that has been in the community and the province for over a year… The request of this motion is more or less to pay support to those who are, in my opinion, disagreeing with a monopoly’s behaviour.”

Council agreed that this was an important step to take to support the community and their concerns.