Pictured is a painting stolen from Jita’s Cafe in Golden. Artist Joni Young hopes that whoever took the piece will return it to her at some point in the future.

Golden art theft leaves empty space

Well known Golden artists, Joni Young, had one of her paintings stolen right off the wall of Jita's Cafe where the pieces were on display.

One artist’s dream of having her work on display at a local business has taken a turn for the worse when one painting was stolen right off the wall.

Joni Young is a well known artist in Golden who recently put some of her work on display at Jita’s Cafe. Sometime around July 10 one of the paintings on display was taken from the business.

“I’m very sad that someone would do this. This particular painting that was stolen meant a lot to me,” Young said.

Young explained why this particular painting was so important to her.

“All of my paintings mean a lot to me, but this one represented how I feel and where I’m at this stage in my life and art career.”

Young added that she was shocked when she heard the news of the theft.

“This has never happened before to me or any other artist having a show at Jita’s. I’m hoping that I find out where it is and most of all that it is safe and appreciated,” she said.

Young also had a message for the person who took the piece.

“If I could talk to the person who took my painting, I would of course ask them to please return it,” she said.