Fairmont re-opens after dramatic mudslide

Fairmont Hot Springs re-opened the resort today (August 3), after it took two weeks to clean up debris left behind by a mudslide.

  • Fri Aug 3rd, 2012 3:00pm
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The staff at Fairmont Hot Springs jump for joy as the resort

Following the dramatic mudslide that sent a debris flow through Fairmont Creek and disrupted the entire village, Fairmont Hot Springs re-opens today.

“We were very fortunate that the resort was largely unaffected. Most of the debris flow was restricted to Fairmont Creek and the Lodge, the pools, the RV park and two out of three golf course were largely unaffected,” said Marke Dickson, director of sales and marketing for Fairmont Hot Springs.

“However, the debris flow did bury the source of our hot springs and wipe out the road to the RV park.”

The resort closed for two weeks while debris was removed from the natural hot spring boxes, located up the Fairmont Creek so that the hot water could be funneled back into the pools. Geotechnical experts have flown the site and the creek’s catchment and indicated that there is little risk of further debris flow or landslides.

A new intake infrastructure was installed to restore the flow of hot water from the springs to the pools and a new water supply line was built from the reservoir to the lodge (the old supply lines were obliterated in the debris flow) to service the Lodge and RV Park. Both Riverside and Creekside golf courses were untouched and have remained open.

A few canyon hiking trails, the ski area and the Mountainside golf course and clubhouse are closed. The resort has been working with renowned Canadian golf course architect Doug Carrick on how to use deposited materials to improve impacted holes and expects Mountainside to be up and running again soon.

“We’ve been working dawn until dusk to re-open and we are literally bubbling with excitement. We’ve used the brief closure as an opportunity and our team has been hard at work shining, polishing, fixing and repairing all facilities,” said Dickson.