Escort service moving into Golden

A business license has been approved that will bring in new service to Golden.

A business license has been approved that will bring in new service to Golden.

S&S Escort Services was approved for a license through the Town of Golden at the council meeting last Tuesday after Town staff sought legal advice regarding the nature of the new business venture.

Council went into a closed meeting to discuss the matter, but in the end there was no debate given the fact that the municipality has no grounds to deny the application even if they wanted to.

“The bottom line is we cannot refuse to issue the license,” said Jon Wilsgard, CAO for the Town of Golden.

After consulting with the lawyers after the application was received, the Town received a response from Young Anderson Barristers & Solicitors stating: “Escort agencies and escort services are not illegal businesses under the Criminal Code. While some may have concerns about the morality of such businesses or a general distaste for them, a municipality cannot refuse to issue a business license on those bases.”

Prostitution is legal in Canada, and since a Supreme Court of Canada ruling in 2013, prostitution-related activities such as living off the avails of prostitution are also legal.

The specifics of the proposed business are not yet known. S&S Escort Services is owned by a Mr. Spratt, who operates the business out of his home in Savana, B.C., making it a “non-residential business.”

The town has issued him the license, however each individual “escort” operating here will also require a business license from the Town of Golden.