Changes still debated at Golden Swimming Pool

The schedule changes at the Golden Swimming Pool are still a hot topic at council meetings.

The swimming pool in Golden was once again a hot topic during question time at the regular Town of Golden Council Meeting held on June 12.

President of the Kicking Horse Country Chamber of Commerce Lori Baxendale asked about the lack of availability of evening public swim time. The question came from some local businesses who felt the perception of visitors to the town was  that there is not much to do after a certain point of the evening.

“I know that in previous reports with Mr. Petrovics (Manager of Recreational Services, Jordan Petrovics) there was discussion about the tracking of users in some regard. I was wondering if some mechanism has been put into place,” Baxendale said.

Petrovics explained that tracking was now in place at the facility and the  town was actively tracking usage and where the users are coming from.

“At the end of the year we will be able to put together a very detailed report in terms of usage for all programs.

Petrovics also went on to confirm that some early issues with the children’s wading pool had been fixed and the smaller pool was now completely functional.

Another member in the gallery then asked Petrovics if there was going to be an evening swim in the summer program to gauge if people are using the pool at these times.

“We do have the opportunity as the schedule sits to do a couple of evening based swims when the swim club is out of town. So we will be working on advertising these times as speciality extended bonus swims. We will be tracking those events,” Petrovics said.

Another question presented to council was about security at the pool, specifically dealing with the front door being left open and no one at the front desk at the facility.

Petrovics said the front door at the facility is supposed to remain closed if it is not then they will have to direct staff to make sure the door remains closed so a buzzer will go off every time someone enters the facility. “I will follow up with our staff to make sure that process is in place,” Petrovics said.