Rene Thibault with BC Hydro hands a $1

BC Hydro steps up to support GADSAR

GADSAR receives support from BC Hydro employee charity fund.

BC Hydro and their HYDRECS Fund has graciously donated $1,000 to the Golden and District Search and Rescue.

HYDRECS is an employee charity fund run through BC Hydro.

It is governed by an employee and retiree volunteer committee, which facilitates the charitable contributions raised each year.

Employees can submit applications for charities, and 100 per cent of contributions received will go to the various selected charities.

“You can submit names of organizations that the money should go to,” said local BC Hydro employee Rene Thibault “And I put the Search and Rescue building forward. I knew they needed some help.”

GADSAR, an entirely volunteer run organization in operation since 1965, is on 24-hour standby, answering calls within their area of operations, which goes from the Banff National Park boundary, all areas east to the Yoho National Park boundary, all areas south towards the town of Spillimacheen and all areas west to the Glacier National Park boundary.

The group of roughly 25 members recently moved to a new location near the airport.

Thanks to a donation from the Columbia Basin Trust, GADSAR was able to purchase the building.

GADSAR President Shauna Speers says the donation from BC Hydro will go to furnishing the new building.