Pictured are just some of the marijuana plants found in a house in Golden after Golden RCMP executed a search warrant.

322 marijuana plants found by Golden RCMP

Golden RCMP found 322 marijuana plants along with extensive growing equipment in a house after executing a search warrant.

On April 24, 2012 the Golden Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) executed a search warrant in the 500 block of 11th St. South in Golden.

In total 322 marijuana plants were seized along with extensive growing equipment.

“In my 20 years it is probably one of the best set ups I have ever seen. They had a professional electrician in there,” said Sgt. Troy Durand with the Golden RCMP.

He explained, “Normally the smell of marijuana is so potent that in a community like this you would get lots of phone calls. We could stand in the doorway and not smell a thing.”

Two males and one female have been charged with cultivation of marijuana, mischief and theft of power.

The Golden RCMP had been working on the case for over a year.

“It is pretty significant. We get lots of information on these files. It is pretty hard to gather the evidence in a grow op file. To have it end up in a search warrant is significant,” Durand said.

He added it has been a while since the detachment has seen a case like this within the Town of Golden however a few month ago the detachment was involved in a case in the Blaeberry region.