Conservation Officer Dan Bartol removed a wolf trap from the paw of a black bear who stepped in the trap and ripped it from the ground. Photo Submitted

Injured bear released by conservation officer near Golden

A male black bear was released after the Conservation Officer removed a wolf trap from his foot

Late last month Conservation Officer Dan Bartol was pleased to release an adult black bear who was injured in a wolf trap.

“We were really happy that we were able to mobilize him and set him free,” said Bartol.

The conservation office had received reports on Aug. 31 of a black bear near the golf course who was injured, and was walking around with a wolf trap stuck to his paw. Bartol was able to locate the bear, and chased him for roughly an hour. The bear, however, outran him.

Finally on Sept. 1 he was able to safely capture the bear and transport him with the help of some good Samaritans.

“The bear had actually torn the wolf trap out of the ground,” said Bartol.

Fortunately the bear’s paw had injuries to the muscle and tendons, but no broken bones. So after removing the trap, Bartol felt comfortable releasing him. He spent roughly three hours in his care.

“With this particular bear there was no bad behaviour displayed,” he said, adding that there was no indication this bear had approached people, or gotten into unnatural food sources.

“So we felt very comfortable setting him loose.”