Seeking to limit interaction between bears and golfers

The Golden Golf Club is doing what it can to keep it safe on the golf course this season.

The Golden Golf Club has initiated a new program to reduce possible conflict between people and bears.

Staff of the club met with Sadie Parr, Bear Aware – Program Co-ordinator for the Town of Golden and Conservation Officer Justin Bell to develop a plan. The club is currently implementing a program at the golf course to prevent bear habituation and any possible conditioning to human foods.

Patrick Chury, General Manager of the Golden Golf Club explained the steps which were being take at the course.

“Our program starts with removing all non bear-proof garbage and recycle receptacles from the golf course and clubhouse grounds. We installed two new bear-proof garbage and recycle receptacles for the clubhouse grounds area,” Chury said. He went on to explain the club has also added secure and bear-proof commercial garbage and recycle receptacles, has implemented a “Pack In – Pack Out” program for our members and guests while providing free garbage bags compliments of Sobeys in Golden.

The club will also be hoping to educate their guests through posters, handouts, and in person at the Pro Shop counter.

Chury felt these changes will be positive for the Club and “we are excited to be moving in this direction.”