Plaster of Paris pigs bring out the artistic side in Golden resident

An Golden artist finds a medium that takes her to hog heaven.

Artist Janet Klock sits in her work room where many of the ideas and designs for her unique piggie banks are developed.

A passion for art has led Janet Klock down a path where she uses special plaster of paris pigs from Mexico to create one of a kind wonders.

For the past seven years Klock has been making the pigs but she explained it was only by luck she started using them. “I made one as a gift for my brother and he really liked it. Then I decided I could make it for people as gifts. After that I started going to craft fairs,” Klock said.

She went on and said she was “tickled” when the chance came to have her work put on display at the Art Gallery of Golden. The pigs are now also on display at a shop in Banff which is something Klock could never have predicted. Klock said that she was always interested in expressing heself in different ways however stumbling on the pigs and what she could do with them was a great turn of events for her.

“I could have never seen this coming,” she said. It is just fantastic to have them in the gallery and Banff. It is super flattering.”

Currently she is working on different themed pigs with an emphasis on fishing and another looking at yoga. The theme for the designs are endless according to the artist.

“It can be anything you can think of really.

Though things do get busy around Christmas Klock explained she makes around a pig a day on average during the year.

Although she does not know where all of her pigs have gone over the years Klock felt it was safe to say they have ended up in many different countries.

“I really have fun. People ask me for something specific but anything goes,” Klock said. “I love making them and I hope people enjoy them as much as I do making them.”

If people were interested in learning more about the art they can call 250-344-2005 or