Bear Aware Co-ordinator Sadie Parr stands in front of the Golden Star window full of colouring contest applications.

Local children show their artistic side in Bear Aware contest

A colouring contest held by Bear Aware gave local children a chance to show their artistic side.

  • Tue Jul 17th, 2012 8:00am
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Sadie Parr

Golden Bear Aware Co-ordinator

The Golden Bear Aware colouring contest came to an end at the end of June.

Seventy three bright and beautiful colouring pages were entered from locals aged two to over twenty, each entrant  also contributing their “Favourite Bear Fact” and what “Step you will take to be Bear Aware in 2012.”

The knowledge youth shared about bears and how to reduce human-bear conflicts by managing attractants was extremely impressive.

The winners of the draw, their bear facts, and prizes are listed below.  I would like to thank all youth who contributed their time, energy and thoughts to helping decorate the Golden Star office window with great artwork and bear Information.

Age group 1-6:

Ty Malberg’s favourite bear fact ; “They have long claws.”

Step to be Bear Aware: “Take out garbage in the morning, not the night before.”

Prize: “Into the Forest,” Nature’s Food Chain Game.



Age group 7-12: Jade’s favourite bear fact; “Bears are naturally curious and opportunistic!”

Step to be Bear Aware: “Don’t leave food out when camping.”

Prize: Fishing Rod .

Age group 13+:

Piers Lesser’s favourite bear fact; “Bears can eat more than 20,000 calories in a day in the fall.”

Step to be Bear Aware: “I will pick berries as they ripen.  Often.”

Prize: “Bears of the World” book by Lance Craighead.

To learn more about managing wildlife attractants visit the Bear Aware website  For details on the upcoming electric fence workshop stay tuned or contact Sadie Parr at 250-290-1222 or 

Bear Aware gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Columbia Basin Trust, a regional corporation created to deliver social, economic, and environmental benefits for residents of the Columbia Basin.

Bear Aware would also like to thank its sponsors: the B.C. Conservation Foundation, the B.C. Ministry of Environment, and the Town of Golden.

To report a bear sighting or wildlife incident, call the RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277.