Graduates from Introduction to Trades celebrate at COTR

Students in the Intro to Trades celebrated the completion of their course at College of the Rockies.

Pictured are the people involved with the Introduction to Trades Program at the College of the Rockies in Golden; Steve Weppler

The Intro to Trades program at the Golden Campus of the College of the Rockies saw eight students celebrate a graduation from the program on May 31.

“This is a celebration of the students and the program and it is important to look at what they have achieved at the College,” said the Manager of the College of the Rockies in Golden Karen Cathcart.

Cathcart pointed out that only half of the students who graduated could be in attendance because many of the students had already started working and that was a sign of how important courses like this were for students.

“The aim of our courses are to lead students to employment,” Cathcart said.

As for the students who could make the ceremony, all of them talked about how wonderful their experience had been working with the school, instructors and each other.

“This was fun. We learned many new things. It was widespread through all of the trades. It gave you enough to know what you want to do,” said Craig Hysuick.

Another graduate, Tyler Monsen, saw the course as a great place to start a career.

“I  think everyone should try and get into it. It gives you so much and brings you into every trade and helps you get a job. So many people have already gotten a job,” said Monsen who is hoping to take his experience to a school which will eventually lead to a career working as an electrician. “It was a fun program to do. I was excited to wake up and go to school. I wanted to come to this and get the tickets and get the information about the trades.”

Susan Poland wanted to see what she could learn about many different trades. As a women in the program Poland felt this was a great chance to see what was out there for women who are interested in the trades but not sure how to learn more.

“I would highly recommend it and for women should definitely take the course because it is an eye opener,” Poland said. “I think it was more than I expected. I have nothing but praise for this course.

Poland went on to explain it was something where every day she would rush to school because she knew she was bound to learn many new things before the day was done.