Ben Davenport stands beside his trusty Land Rover which has taken him halfway around the world.

From Cornwall to Cape Horn

It is the journey of a lifetime for Ben Davenport who is taking the long way to South America.

Ben Davenport has taken the idea of going out and doing whatever it takes to live a dream to an extreme as he is in the middle of a drive which started in Cornwall, England and will eventually take him to Cape Horn in South America.

The 28-year-old started his journey last year when he embarked on a solo expedition in his Land Rover.

So far his route has taken him through Scandinavia, across Europe, Russia, Mongolia, across the Pacific to Alaska and then down through Canada and into Golden for a short stop.

Part of his reason for doing the trip is promote the idea that if you have a dream you can overcome obstacles to make it come true.

On his website Davenport explains how he was diagnosed at birth as having Noonan’s syndrome which in his case included having a hole in the heart.

Along the way Davenport got in his head that the journey was something he wanted to do. Along his trip he explained there have been many highs (many of which include meeting some many helpful people along the way) and some lows. Davenport said that while on the trip he has had the chance to pass his message on to many groups along the way and is excited to see what the next year holds for him.

On his website he says, “with a determined spirit – although I still face further heart operations in the coming years – I decided many years ago to show that people suffering from the condition can lead a rich and fulfilling life. Previously I have made my way on foot and on public transport through Africa from Cape Town to Nairobi, have competed as a member of a “Tall Ship’s” Crew on several occasions.