Golden is about to have a club for photographer's to gather.

A place for photography to develop

A photo critique group is set to have their first meeting in Golden.

The natural beauty of a place like Golden tends to bring the inner photographer out in just about everybody.

Local photographer, Claire Dibble of Dibble Photography, is starting up a club to help these photographers grow and improve their craft.

“I’m all fired up about starting a photo critique group that will meet once a month to talk about photos,” said Dibble. “The idea is to bring together the keen photographers in our area and build a bit of a community around the medium. It will be casual, and anyone is welcome to attend. The only requirement is that everyone participates by bringing an image for feedback, and offering constructive criticism of the work others have brought.”

The first meeting of the monthly group will be held at the Crooked Antler in downtown Golden.

“The guys at the Crooked Antler are providing a print and a drink to anyone interested for $15,” said Dibble. “People interested in that wicked little dead should be sure to get a file to the Antler by January 26.”

Anyone interested is also welcome to bring in their own print, as long as its 8×10 or larger. And admission will be by donation, for use of the space.

“There is no specification on the subject matter, but I am asking that everyone bring only one image,” said Dibble.

“I’ll be providing some loose guidelines for anyone that has never participated in a critique session before. It can be a bit intimidating to put our work up and let others critique it, but the opportunity for growth, discussion, and creative inspiration is well worth it.”

The first session will be held  at the Crooked Antler on January 30 at 7 p.m.

If you need a photo printed by the Crooked Antler,  try to have it in by January 26.

“I’m really hoping that photographers of all types, all backgrounds, and all levels will come out,” said Dibble. “We have much to learn from one another.”