Kelly Lind stands behind the Apple Islands Naturals table at the Farmers’ Market in Golden.

A beautiful way to use natural products

Five years ago Kathy Lind started reading about natural body products.

Five years ago Kathy Lind started reading about natural body products and the interest she took in them has led to the running of a successful local business.

Five years later Apple Island Naturals is sold in many different places and, as of a few months ago, kicked off the start of the company’s website.

“I have always used natural things. I then decided to start making it,” Lind said.

As for why she feels it is important to use natural products, Lind explained it is about having control over what people use on their bodies.

“I just like how I get to control what goes on my skin. There are so many chemicals in so many things that you buy at stores, even the things that say they are natural, but if you read the labels they are not,” she said. “I just like to make things that are good for people.”

Over the years Lind has expanded her product line to include 30 soap products and lip balms, and 50 different essential oils along with many other products. She said the number of products is constantly changing as she develops more.

“I constantly have them going in my head,” she said. A couple of lines of products she is looking into for the future would be a line of mineral makeup and some baby and pregnancy items.

Lind is grateful for the amount of support she has received over the years.

“It has been great. Golden has just been awesome in supporting not just me but all of the vendors (in the farmers’ market). It is a great place to start a small business,” she said.

Dealing with the customers to produce a product they want is part of the process Lind enjoys.

“I am kind of a shy person so this has drawn me out which is good. I am still getting used to it. I really like to develop  products with people in mind. Some of the products were developed after talking to people and hearing what they wanted,” she said.

Most of the products she sells are vegan friendly with others being vegetarian friendly.

To see more of her products or learn more about the types of products she makes you can go to