Singer/songwriter Liam Titcomb is coming to Golden.

Singer/songwriter Liam Titcomb playing patio show in Golden

Liam Titcomb is taking the stage on the patio at the Rockwater on August 31.

Fresh off the release of his brand new album Cicada, singer/songwriter and actor Liam Titcomb will be on the patio at the Rockwater playing an acoustic set as the sun goes down.

He was 16 years old when the Toronto-based artist released his first album, and now at 25 he can already look back on a career that features some pretty spectacular highlights.

He toured alongside established artists such as Great Big Sea, Tom Cochrane, David Usher and Colin James. In 2006, he even received a nomination for “Best New Group” or “Solo Artist” at the Canadian Radio Music Awards.

His new album Cicada, however, is truly his proper introduction to the rest of the world.

In 2010, shortly after ending an intense relationship, Titcomb stole away to London for a month-long songwriting retreat. Exploring everything the UK had to offer and forging some incredible friendships in the process, he hit his stride as a writer and began penning the material that would eventually become his latest offering.

He decided to name the album after those “prehistoric looking bugs,” that emit a high-pitched buzzing sound in the summer. Certain cicada’s have a 13-year cycle, disappearing underground for years, then emerging in a massive swarm.

“This record captures a feeling of re-emergence for me. The album has been a long time coming, and that’s one of the reasons I called it Cicada,” said Titcomb.

It was recorded in a Nashville studio with producer Jay Joyce, who has worked with artists like the Wallflowers, Cage the Elephant and Patty Griffin. It took less than a month, and he returned to Toronto, record in hand.

The album’s first single, “Love don’t let me down,” is a collaboration with Joyce, who wrote the song, which was actually years in the making. Titcomb always wanted to record it, but the timing was never right− until now.

Titcomb’s patio set begins at the Rockwater at 8 p.m. on Friday August 31. To listen to “Love don’t let me down,” and other songs from the new album, go to