Lucas Myers get ready to build a DECK

A deck is about to built on the stage at the Golden Civic Centre.

A show unlike anything seen in the new Golden Civic Centre will be held on Saturday, May 5 when DECK: How I Instigated Then Overcame an Existential Crisis Through Home Improvement comes to town.

The story of Deck revolves around Cliv, who is a meticulous single parent of two, and has been forced to reassess his future after taking major losses in the recent recession.

He embraces a new start in a small town with a sense of eco-conscious, back-to-the-land type of attitude.

His attempts at self-sufficiency, however, are seemingly hijacked by a bad house purchase, and he is forced to try his hand at home improvement which leads to various results.

At this point of the story Andreas, the charismatic carpenter who takes Cliv under his wing, comes into the picture and offers to lend a hand.

Cliv becomes drawn into Andreas’ world of free wheeling free living, which is the point where he begins to lose his grasp on reality and is consumed by suspicions of Andreas’ true motives. DECK is a dark but hilarious take on the modern struggles of a small town, semi-urban environment.

Myers plays all of the characters in DECK and through voice changes and body mannerisms, convinces the audience he’s a 16-year-old girl, a 14-year-old boy, an uptight father and a free spirit who’s maybe a little too free with his drugs.

The characters are hilarious and Myers will have the audience laughing out loud at the shinnnigans on stage.

But DECK will also have some musical moments when Myers picks up a guitar and ukelele at various stages.

While DECK is s one-man show, he’s not alone the entire time. Members of the audience will step up to help him finish the decks. Myers put together a compelling story with characters any Kootenay resident has met and knows and holds the audience’s attention for the entire show.

To get tickets or for more information drop by the Art Gallery of Golden.