Vancouver band Delhi 2 Dublin (above right) will be performing at this year’s Masque Costume Ball

Delhi 2 Dublin set to entertain at the Masque Costume Ball

It will be a grand night of music and dancing with the unique sounds of Delhi 2 Dublin.

The annual weekend of Snow King’s Masque Parade festivities will kick off of Friday Feb. 17 with a Masque Costume Ball at the Golden Civic Centre.

Vancouver band Delhi 2 Dublin will be entertaining the crowd in this Kicking Horse Culture dance party that invites you to “Get your groove on… Mardi Gras style.”

“The first night of the event is the Delhi 2 Dublin dance at the Civic Centre,” said organizer Joyce deBoer. “They are excellent, just wonderful. They were here for a masque parade I think three years ago, and they were just enchanting.”

The genre defying band, combining the sounds of electro, acoustic, celtic, Punjabi fusion with a touch of reggae, breakbeat, and hip hop. They have put out four full-length albums since 2008, as well as the most recent EP called Delhi 2 Dubland, and have toured all over the world.

“So this part of the weekend will definitely be a dance,” said deBoer. “There will be seating around the edge, but for the most part the centre will be cleared for everyone to dance.”

There may be a few little surprises throughout the evening as well.

“It’s a ticketed event, and we’re adding a few little things, like specific dancers to showcase. That won’t be when Delhi 2 Dublin is playing, because everyone will be dancing of course,” said deBoer.

Tickets will be $25, available now at the Art Gallery of Golden, or at the door. There are discounts for Kicking Horse Culture members. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 17.