David Myles will be playing at the Golden Civic Centre for the third installment of the Kicking Horse Culture Live Kicks series on Nov. 3.

David Myles makes a return trip to the Canadian Rockies

The Golden Civic Centre is going to be the site of a show by award-winning musician David Myles on Nov. 3.

The Golden Civic Centre is going to be the site of a show by award-winning musician David Myles on Nov. 3.

Currently Myles is on a 20-stop tour in Saskatchewan where he took some time to talk about music, touring and his family.

“The tour has been great. It is a whole different level of busy because we are playing every night,” Myles said. This is the first tour Myles has done with his wife and young child on the road with him.

“It is really nice. I have done many tours away from my wife. I love to tour and be on the road but you miss your significant other so this is a sweet situation where we are all together,” he said.

Myles has enjoyed  success over the years and on the album “Into the Sun” he took a passion for Brazilian music and recorded a different sound for him.

“The album has been well received and it has been great. That record for me was a really good experience in loosening up and trusting my instinct,” he said. “I have always learned so much in the process of making a record. I always feel like a new musician when I am done making the record.”

As for the accolades, Myles said, “It is great. I do want people to like what I do…I do think of myself as an entertainer. I love writing songs but I also love performing them for people at a show.”

Myles said people can expect  a great deal of interaction with the audience.

“What we do live is perform songs that work best as a trio…The showman element is a big part of what I do. It is more than just the songs.

“I do tell stories and get to know the audience. I keep it down to earth and keep it entertaining,” he said. “I take it pretty serious and see it as what ties the whole experience together.”

People can also expect a variety of influences which can be enjoyed by people who appreciate different types of music.

Myles also said that he has played early in his career at shows in the Golden area while he was a summer worker at Lake O’Hara. “When I first started playing and did my first tour I rented a little car and drove into B.C. I played in Golden at the Cedar House Restaurant and Chalet for people eating and later at a little cafe in the downtown.”

To pick up tickets for the show drop by the Art Gallery of Golden located at 516 9th Ave. N.