Musician Buckman Coe will be performing at the Golden Taps on Wednesday Aug. 15.

Buckman Coe playing Golden Taps

Musician Buckman Coe will be playing a show at the Golden Taps on Wednesday August 15.

He was here four months ago, and he just couldn’t stay away. Buckman Coe will be playing his unique combination of Americana, soul, world, roots, reggae and R&B at the Golden Taps on Wednesday August 15.

He is in the area playing the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival, and decided to add an extra stop here in Golden.

Buckman Coe’s smooth sound and soft melodies tend to hypnotize any audience he plays for, and is often compared to soulful singers like Jack Johnson and Ben Harper.

“I try to feel out the audience, to see sort of how upbeat a show is going to be,” Coe told the Golden Star. “And it doesn’t matter if it’s a big show or a small one, I just do my thing and try to connect with the crowd.”

This musician who has studied yoga and ecology is more than the sum of his influences, he is as interested in the health of the global consciousness and respect for the planet as he is interested in a bunch of people getting together to listen to live music.

Originally from Edmonton, Coe left as a teenager and eventually found himself in Vancouver where he realized music was his true calling.

“The Vancouver music scene has been really good to me,” he said. “I feel really connected there, and the people really get it.”

He was recently voted the second Best Unsigned Band in Vancouver in the 2011 Georgia Straight Readers Choice Awards.

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