Hip hop artist Buck 65.

Buck 65 coming to Golden

Canadian hip hop artist Buck 65 is scheduled to play the Rockwater on June 8.

From getting minimal airplay on college radio stations in his home province of Nova Scotia, to recording with a major label in France, Buck 65 has just about done it all in his 20-year career.

The east coast hip hop artist is set to play the Rockwater Grill and Bar on Friday June 8.

It all started song in 1990 called “The Rhyme Has to be Good.” Buck 65, also known as Richard Terfry, mad the beat, rapped and did the scratches on the track himself, and teaching himself those skills in his bedroom.

“Ironically, given the title, that first song isn’t very good at all. But we all have to start somewhere,” he said.

From there, slowly and steadily, Buck 65 honed his talents and started building a local audience. Near the tail end of the decade, which some help from the internet, his audience began to cross borders. And by 2002, “I had a career on my hands.”

He was now making enough money from music to live off of, and in 2002 he signed a record deal with Warner and moved to France.

“Since then I’ve worked with musicians from all over the world – some with big names, some with no name at all. And I’ve continued to work with my old friends from my hometown too,” he said.

Over the years, Buck 65’s music has changed grown into something different, and he has redefined what people call “hip hop.”

“I often hear hip hop where other people might not. Sometimes I hear it in pre-war blues songs.”

His more recent work has incorporated influences from fold, blues and electronica. Some of his music was even featured in the TV show Trailer Park Boys.

This is Buck 65’s first show in Golden since 2008. The Rockwater recommends you get your tickets early. Early bird rates are $20, in advance $25, and at the door $30.