Redeye Empire is the getting ready for their turn at Kicking Horse Culture’s Summer Kicks.

An empire looks to open music lovers eyes at Summer Kicks

Summer Kicks keeps trucking on with Redeye Empire.

Redeye Empire is the next up in Kicking Horse Culture’s Summer Kicks lineup.

The west coast band has a unique blend of reggae, ska, rock and hip-hop, that has been blowing fans away across North America since their first show six years ago. Longtime friends Mike Redmond and Gabe Davis spent much of their childhood playing music together. They both headed off pursuing their own adventures, Davis searching for waves in Hawii and Redmond sought endless winter in the coastal mountains.

When they returned to Vancouver in 2007, they were determined to pick up where they left off, and Redeye Empire was born. Band members Eric Stephenson, Ryan Davis and Jay Juatco joined the team.

Since their first album was released in 2007 (first of four), and multiple tours, their fan base has skyrocketed. The opportunity for Redeye Empire to display their unique and distinctive style has reached sold out crowds from Rhode Island to California and everywhere in between.

When they are not playing music, the boys of Redeye Empire can generally be found taking advantage of everything the West Coast of BC has to offer. Be it skiing, surfing, mountain biking or relaxing with a couple of guitars by a lake Redeye Empire truly represent a laid back, west coast lifestyle where the good times rarely cease.

They’re playing Wednesday August 1 at the Spirit Square at 7 p.m. Also performing will be Golden’s own Travis and Larry Pickering.