GrimSkunk will play at the Rockwater Grill and Bar on Oct. 15.

A world of punk is set to descend on Golden in October

GrimSkunk is bringing its own brand of “World Punk” to Golden on Monday Oct. 15.

GrimSkunk is bringing its own brand of “World Punk” to Golden on Monday Oct. 15.

The Montreal band is touring the country, promoting their new album “Set Fire.,” and will be making a stop at the Rockwater Grill and Bar.

GrimSkunk, formed in 1988, has created an eclectic sound by combining not only several different styles of music (punk, classic rock, metal, reggae, rap and world music), but also languages including English, French, Spanish, Greek, and Arabic.

It is regarded as being part of the foundation of the Quebec “alternative” scene, having influenced many young musicians and bands in their (so far) 15-year career.

Set Fire, the band’s 12th release, was recorded in Australia with an “old-school” approach. They incorporated vintage elements such as a ‘70s bass drum a rare microphones and guitar amps from the ‘60s.

The album shows the growth of the group in the last decade and a half.

In the beginning of their career, GrimSkunk used cannabis to help shape their image. Hemp leaves were on their CD covers, and references to cannabis could be found in the album’s names (Autumn Flowers and Exotic Blend). Even the band’s name is an allusion to skunk cannabis.

Set Fire is a bit more socially conscious than their earlier work. Relentlessly attacking human folly and ills, the album is an urgent call to arms for peace, a revolution of the heart to reject the current climate of bigotry and intolerance, get rid of apathy to create a better future.

It captures the energy and raw emotion of the mind GrimSkunk, a whirlwind of anger and outrage punk, mixed with the quasi-hippie idealism those who dare to dream.

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