A new turn that is a Pickup in a long local musical career

In a town known for many great musicians, Larry Pickering has had a long passion for music, which he now shares with his son.

Larry Pickering of the local musical duo the Pickups.

In a town known for many great musicians, Larry Pickering has had a long passion for music, which he now shares with his son. Pickering came to Golden at the age of seven when his father’s work led him to the town.  It was only a couple of years after moving to Golden that someone noticed a musical talent in Pickering.

“I picked up the guitar when I was around 10, when a music teacher went to my mom and said I could sing so I should play an instrument,” he said.

Pickering admitted his interest in playing guitar was limited to being able to accompany himself, though over the years, he has improved.  He said he did have a high school garage band growing up, but the first taste of playing in a full-on band was after he returned from school and he joined New Buck.

“It was after a band called the Buckaroos had disbanded and a few members wanted to play again. I was invited to come and play with them,” he said.

Pickering said it was a great time for the band, which was wildly successful back when they were together.

“That was back in the 1980s. We played almost every weekend and that band evolved over the years,” he said.

Pickering said he was lucky to have played with a wide variety of talent which he still feels Golden is blessed with today in many new performers. He added that being so busy on weekends did cause some issues with being able to take a vacation.

“I remember at one point when I met my wife and we were just dating. We wanted to go away for a weekend and, of course, I had to check our bookings and we were booked solid for 14 weeks. So I had to go back to Dana and say we could go in 15 weeks,” he said.

After New Buck, Pickering played with Phase 2 for a short time before he took a break from performing to spend more time with his family. For a long period during this time Pickering did not play, but since his son Travis has taken to performing, he has found himself getting back on stage again. “I have been doing appearances with him. I had lost confidence and nerves become a factor. I am a little bit older but lately we have decided to go more as a duo,” he said.

The father and son are called the Pickups. Pickering said it is a great feeling to be on stage with his son.

“It is phenomenal. We get the family harmony thing. I could not choose a better fit than my own son to play with. If not for the fact that Travis is playing, I know I wouldn’t be. We have a lot of fun. It is all we can do not to cut it up when we are up there,” he said.

Pickering is humbled to still have the chance to play music.

“I am still here because I love it here. We are well supported in this town and we thank people for it. There is a community of musicians in this town that are so talented. Because of groups like Kicking Horse Culture and other venues, everyone is realizing how much talent is out there,” he said. “I am flattered to be out there.”