Labourers Co-operative Mining Company’s Curling Team on Phantom Lake aka Reflection Lake aka the front slough.

Time flies on the ice

Turning Back the Pages by Colleen Palumbo takes a look at the history of curling in Golden.

How time flies! And can I say how nice it is to be back to regular weekly columns at the Star! Some of you have been asking for pictures to be included and I am thrilled to share some of the wonderful glimpses of Golden’s past with you.

The first column I ever wrote for the Golden Star was published on January 8, 1992, twenty years ago. Here it is to remind you.

Curling’s Commandments

In 1894, when the Golden Curling Club was first organized, its members composed the Ten Commandments; one was lost over the years and no record of it has been discovered.

The Ten Commandments of the Ancient Roarin’ Game of Curling

1.      Thou shall have no other game before me, for I am the roarin’ game which was in the beginning (even in the stone-age), is now and ever shall be.

2.      Come not upon the ice with the old house broom. Thou canst not quicken the pace of a dying rock with last year’s broom.

3.      Thou shalt learn thy turns both the out and the in, for the skip will not hold him guiltless that throw the wrong turn.

4.      Play not a running shot when thou art asked for a guard, lest thou raise thine own shot, so sending the skip in the air; such play getteth his goat, queereth his game, causes him to swallow his cud and to revile thee openly.

5.      Thou shall hearken diligently to the defeated skip when his voice is lifted up in lamentation against the puck ice and thou shalt not turn they face from when he blameth the third man. Even so shalt thou secure a listener against the day of thine own defeat.

6.      Thou shalt not strew straws from thy broom in the path of thine own or thine adversary’s rock; neither shalt thou spit in front of them causing them to become pork. For even as pork is an abomination to the Jew, so also is a hog in the sight of the skip.

7.      Thou shalt have no discourse with thine adversary while his foot is in the hack and his hand is on the rock, but if thou wilt thou canst pray for him.

8.      Thou shalt not punch or kick a rock into the house from behind stealthily, for the opposite skip will be kindled against thee and he will rise up in righteous indignation over the edge of the broom handle and thrust thee hence from the sight of curlers and the days of thy curling will be ended, for this is an unpardonable sin.

9.      Thou shalt not cover they opposition’s rock nor his lead player, neither shalt thou filch from him his third man who is his mainstay and a wall of defense in the day of battle.