Teacher-in-training Deborah Foley from Canmore will be teaching free Belly Fit classes once a week for the next two months. Check www.shapeupfitness.info for an up-to-date schedule.

Teacher in training brings Belly Fit classes to Golden

For the next two months one of Canada’s fastest growing fitness trends is coming to Golden free of charge.

For the next two months one of Canada’s fastest growing fitness trends is coming to Golden free of charge.

Teacher-in-training Deborah Foley, from Canmore, is offering free weekly Belly Fit classes in Golden until she finishes her certification.

Belly Fit is a holistic fitness program designed specifically for women. Developed in Victoria, Belly Fit combines the fun of dance aerobics with the mindfulness of pilates and the spiritual integrity of yoga, while drawing inspiration from Bellydance, African dance and Bollywood.

“I took this course in April in Victoria. And what caught my eye was that it wasn’t just a fitness class. I go to yoga, I go to pilates, and I go to fitness classes. But each one of those is not for every woman,” said Foley.

“The founder of Belly Fit, Alice, is so passionate about this. She’s combining spirituality, exercise, and a real sense of community with women. That’s what she’s trying to achieve, empowering women through movement and cultural dances from around the world. It’s the best combination I’ve ever seen to keep women happy and healthy.”

The program is designed for able-bodied women, generally between the ages of 19 and 65, with some exceptions. Belly Fit is currently working on designing classes for teenage girls and elderly women.

Women with serious injuries or chronic conditions of the knee, hip, spine or neck in particular may have difficulties with Belly Fit classes.

Individual instructors have the flexibility to create a class that is either high or low impact, and Foley is confident that women of most fitness levels would get something out of Belly Fit.

Foley will be teaching a free class in Golden every week for the next two months. At the moment that class is scheduled for Thursday evenings at 7 p.m. in the gym at Lady Grey Elementary School. Days and times are subject to change.

The class is being facilitated through Nicki MacIntosh at Shape Up Fitness. Check her website www.shapeupfitness.info, or the Shape Up Fitness Facebook page for updated schedules.

At the end of the two months Foley’s classes will end. But she is grateful for the opportunity to expose Golden to Belly Fit, and her hope is that someone local will be inspired and get certified to teach.