Summer Ambassadors Ali Omelaniec and Emily Louie (pictured on both ends) are pictured with Jepson Petroleum Ltd employees Lodne Salsbury and Rhonda Kepke. Omelaniec and Louie are spending 17 weeks on the road travelling around British Columbia promoting the recycling of oil and other hazardous products.

Summer Ambassadors visit Golden to promote used oil and antifreeze recycling

Emily Louie and Ali Omelaniec are travelling around the province visiting collection centres.

More than 18 million litres of used oil is not recovered by the BC Used Oil program each year and over 17 weeks of the summer two Summer Ambassadors’ working with the British Columbia Used Oil Management Association will be doing their part to raise awareness in B.C.

Emily Louie and Ali Omelaniec are travelling around the province visiting collection centres.

“It has been really great. We will be canvassing the province for 17 weeks this summer,” Omelaniec said.

The tour will see the two ambassadors travel to more than 120 municipalities and more than 500 recycling facilities throughout B.C., spreading the message, “one drop makes a difference.”

During their time on the road the ambassadors will be attending community events, speaking to government officials, as well as the public, the team is dedicated to spreading the message and keeping these hazardous materials out of our waterways and landfills.

“What we do is we work with the return/collection facilities to act as a drop off location for the public. We also work with a set of processor which are the businesses which will recycle the oil and antifreeze,” Louie said.

“Oil is an important product to recycle. We do not want it getting into the landfills, our waterways or our drinking water. A lot of people before this program came out just poured their oil down the drain and thought that was ok but it is not,” Omelaniec said. “We are encouraging people to recycle their oil and realize that one drop makes a difference.”

In Golden Columbia Diesel, Jepson Petroleum Ltd and KAl Tire all are a part of the program.

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