Personal Achiever Award at Overwaitea

If you have been anywhere near the Golden Overwaitea within the past seven and a half years, perhaps you may know a gentleman who goes by the name of Paul Peacock. Paul is the kind man you may have seen stocking the shelves of the grocery store, always sporting a smile and always ready to help out anyone for any reason. It is been this kind of dedication to his position at Overwaitea that has earned him the prestigious honour of winning the 2010 Personal Achiever Award.

“It is a tough award to give out due to the fact that we have so many deserving employees. But, Paul is something different, he is so well rounded. He truly deserves the award this year,” Overwaitea Store Manager, Neil Allkins explained as to why Paul won the award.

The award symbolizes Paul’s commitment to service, innovation, leadership, helpfulness, and teamwork. His work continually exhibits the very best qualities and sets a shining example of dedication to excellence.

“I was truly shocked when I was presented the award. They called me into the back of the store, where everyone was waiting, and they gave me the award. I was touched,” award recipient, Paul Peacock explained.

Paul has been a fixture in and around Golden since his arrival to the area back in 1978. It was during this time, while working with Kemp Insurance, that he discovered his love for the community.

“I worked with Kemp Insurance for 35 years. I met all kinds of great people over that time…I still see many of them at Overwaitea. Over those 35 years (plus) I have really learned to love Golden. I live here and I’ll die here,” Peacock passionately added.

After Paul’s 35-year term in the insurance business, Paul decided to retire. But, it was a retirement that did not last long.

“After I retired, I was approached by the manager (at the time) of Overwaitea. He suggested that I pick up a couple shifts and come to work for him. I thought he was crazy, but he kept asking. So, I told him I would work a three week trial period and go from there…that was nearly eight years ago,” Peacock chuckled.

As for Paul’s work at Overwaitea, typically three days a week, totalling just under 20 hours, he is always the person putting in his very best, even at the tender age of 78 and a half.

“I enjoy my job immensely. I know a lot of the folks who come through Overwaitea, so I am friendly to them, as they are to me. I’ve always been a hard worker. I think I can even outwork the younger guys around here! As long as I stay busy, everyone leaves me alone, I like that,” Peacock said.

“I think some of our younger staff certainly watch Paul work and are impressed with his work ethic. I think they are also impressed due to the fact that he is retired and doesn’t really have to work here if he didn’t want to,” Allkins commented.

Paul’s work ethic and dedication to his position does not appear to be slowing down any. In fact, the part-time position may just be keeping him out of trouble.

“The job gets me out of the house. My wife still works, so I thought I needed to do something too. Besides, I’d probably go nuts if I didn’t have something to do,” Peacock said.

“I’m not sure if people come to Overwaitea just to see Paul, but those who speak of Paul, speak very highly of him. He has given so much to the community over the years that I think people are actually able to recognize that and appreciate him,” Allkins concluded.

So why not stop by Overwaitea and congratulate Mr. Peacock on his impressive accomplishment. You’ll be able to track down Paul somewhere in the corridors of the store on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Well done Paul!