Golden Secondary School welcomes new international students.

New students come to Golden

Golden Secondary Schools opens its doors to new international students.

Golden Secondary welcomes six new international students for second semester: Luca Baer from Switzerland, Myra Bischoff from Germany, Lena Hirvonen from Austria, Katrin Linner from Germany, Laurenz Mettenheimer from Austria, and Jonathan Wolff from Germany. At their orientation last week, they were welcomed to Golden by Mayor Christina Benty and to Golden Secondary by our International Student Ambassador, Megan Crandall.

To assist these new students with their schedules, lockers, and school tour, were Canadian students Jaime Knowles, Edi Struthers, Finlay Freeman, Sasha Link, Tawni Kwiatek, and Simran Dhasi. “These new students are a wonderful addition to our school community,” said Iris Trask, Principal Golden Secondary School.