Local youth connects at CBT summit

Golden resident Megan Crandall recently came from from the 2012 CBT Summit where she worked with a multimedia team.

A group of dedicated youth took time from their busy schedules to gather in Kimberley for the 2012 CBT CONNECT Youth Action Summit.

One of the Multimedia Team for the event was Golden resident Megan Crandall.

This meant she was a part of the team that documented all the events throughout the weekend.

Crandall said the Multimedia Team were given a crash course on the Thursday of the event where they learned background on film and media overall.

“I heard about it a couple of months ago, a few teachers had been talking about it and were encouraging students to apply. I had to go through an application process, and then a week later I found out I was accepted,” Crandall said.

She went on to explain this was something she wanted to do because she thinks younger people need to be involved.

“Things don’t get done on their own. I think it is important that youth be involved, especially when it comes to what they want. We have to learn that if we want something done, we very often have to do it ourselves,” Crandall said. “This past weekend, I saw so many different youth. They were from all different communities, all different ages and different interests. In the end though, they all had one thing in common; they wanted to make a difference in their community.”

Even though she was excited to be a part of the meetings Crandall admitted she was not sure what to expect.

“I didn’t really know what to expect going into it.  I knew I was a part of the Multimedia Team, and that’s about it.  I knew that all the other participants would be going to create their Action Plans, but I was unaware if I was also going to be creating one.  During our crash course though, I learned a lot about media and film which I found very interesting,” she said.

Crandall  explained the reason for the summit was for youth to create action plans that they could take back to their community.  “The action plans had to somehow aid the community; whether it was with youth, the environment, etc. Youth could either do projects on their own or work in teams of two or three to organize an event in their community,” she said.

As for how the event went overall, Crandall was thrilled with the experience.

“I had an awesome experience and met tons of amazing people. It was one of those events that by the end, no one wanted to leave.  We did tons of fun activities, like a game show for example, where we had different games and trivia categories to do with our teams,” she said. “They definitely kept us busy.  We had tons of filming to do, and also editing.  I have never filmed, let alone edited, a video.  It was a very long process, as in when I was doing it I never wanted to do it again.  When I saw our end result though, I was very proud of it. I encourage any one who is passionate about making a difference or wanting to connect with your community to attend the next one (which should be in 2014).”