Golden Fire Department being friendly to the environment

New foam being used by the Golden Fire Department is more environmentally friendly than what was previously used.

Town of Golden Fire Chief Ken McClure shows off the more environmentally friendly foam the fire department is now using.

Recently foam flowed freely after a relay valve got stuck during a pump test on one of the trucks at the Golden Fire Department.

At the time, Town of Golden Fire Chief Ken McClure explained not only about what was happening but also about the foam itself.

“Foam is neutral and we do not use the old fashioned Aqueous film forming foams (AFFF),” McClure said.

He explained the older foam would surround oxygen molecules and has the potential to kill or harm fish.

“Our stuff is more modern and we have been switching over to a new type of foam which is more environmentally safe. We are doing this because the old foam we used for car accidents is not as good for the environment,” he said.

Though the product is slightly more expensive, McClure felt in the long run it does provide a “better bang for your buck”.

“We are surrounded by water. We have lakes and rivers all around us. I have made the choice as a manager here to use the new product because it is environmentally neutral,” he said. “I don’t want to harm the planet. We have to consider that in everything we do these days.”

The chief said the fire department always want to be there to help.

“We are the guys who are coming to help you and not cause more problems. Golden is our home and we do not want to damage our home,” McClure said.