The bikes are now out on the pedestals for Golden Community Bike Share Program. Pedestals are located at the Spirit Square and the campground.

Golden Community Bike Share program starts for a new season

Bike sharing has once again returned to Golden with the new season of the popular program.

The Golden Community Bike Share program is up and running for its second full season.

Golden is definitely a unique community with this program. It’s probably the smallest community out there that actually has a program like this,” said Jordan Petrovics, manager of recreation services for the Town of Golden.

For those of you who haven’t been exposed to the bike share program, this is how it works:

There are 15 bikes, that are locked up at one of two hubs or pedestals. One is in the Spirit Square, and the other is at the campground. The hubs use solar, wireless technology that features scanner cards similar to a hotel room key.

These cards can be purchased at the campground or the Dreamcatcher Hostel for $10 a day (a six-hour day). Monthly and seasonal passes are also available. Helmets and locks will be available upon request at both outlets.

“The people who originally envisioned this program to be used more specifically by the residents of the community. And moving into the future we still want to keep that focus a high priority,” said Petrovics. “But we still want to capture the tourism side of things. So we want to make it easy for people visiting Golden to get out on the bikes and see the community.”

The Town is currently in talks with the Holiday Inn about putting a hub near the hotel on Hwy 1, which is projected to be complete in late spring 2013. Petrovics says he thinks that will encourage more visitors to come down and explore the community.

“After driving in your car all day, people don’t want to hop back in drive through town. But if there’s bikes available to them they can take a ride into town and see what the community has to offer,” he said.

This season the Town is also looking for ways to increase usage, which will in turn grow the program and make it more user friendly. The goal is to add two more hubs with bikes and switch to a credit card system.

“That’s what we’re working towards. At the moment is not quite as ‘swipe and go’ as we’d like it to be,” said Petrovics, adding that a credit card system would not only make it more user friendly, but would also reduce administrative costs.

“We’re looking forward to getting more folks out on bikes this summer.”